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Composition of india's foreign currency assets

composition of india's foreign currency assets

(1) At current exchange rate (a) Short position (b) Long position (2). In 2003-04 expenditure on import of fertilizers was 635 millions. Current scenario, the main objectives in managing a stock of reserves for any developing country, including India, are preserving their long-term value in terms of purchasing power over goods and services, and minimizing risk and volatility in returns. A major share of ores and minerals exports comes from the export of iron ore. Official reserve assets and other foreign currency assets (approximate market value).

The classification of countries in cofer (as advanced economies or emerging and developing economies) follows that currently used in, iFS world tables. 2 Additionally Included are gold, SDRs and IMF reserve position. Memo items (1) To be reported with standard periodicity and timeliness: (a) short-term domestic currency debt indexed to the exchange rate (b) financial instruments denominated in foreign currency and settled by other means (e.g., in domestic currency) derivatives (forwards, futures, or options contracts) short positions long positions 898.3 other instruments (c) pledged assets. In 1990-91, the share of manufactured items in the total export earnings was about 73 of the total export earnings. The import of fertilizers have declined, which indicates less dependence of India on imported fertilizers. Official reserve assets and other foreign currency assets (approximate market value) June, 2015. . The share of gems and jewellery in India's total export was.3 in 1991-92 and.1 in 2005-06.

The policy was designed around the need to conserve Foreign Exchange Reserves for essential imports such as Petroleum goods and food grains. There were significant compositional shift within the major manufactured product groups such as engineering. Dollar assets of the Federal Reserve and the euro assets of the European Central Bank andmember countries of the European Economic and Monetary Union are not foreign exchange reserves. The Report of the High Level Committee on Balance of Payments (Chairman:.