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Ap macro foreign exchange frq

ap macro foreign exchange frq

BMT (1)Ballistic Missile Threat BMT (2)Beam Management Terminal. DOS (5)Denial of Service (attack) DOT Department of Transportation (US) DOW Doppler On Wheels (storm chasing radar equipment) DPG Defense Planning Guidance dpsk Differential Phase-Shift Keying dpx Duplex dqpsk Differential Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying DR low drifting drac Dynamic Relay Authorisation Control dram Dynamic Random Access. Decode our lapses thusly: Acronym Definition, fC Tornado on the ground / Parallel transmission (simulcast) on - / Cloud layer below observing station 1 LT first lieutenant 2 LT second lieutenant 220SMA 220 (MHz) Spectrum Management Assn (Amateur) 2600 (1)2600 Hz, audio frequency used for. Atlantic Command ACP Allied Communication Publication ACR Armored cavalry regiment ACS Assistant chief of staff acsb Amplitude Compandored SideBand acsl altocumulus standing lenticular cloud actd Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration acts Automated Computer Time Service ACW Air Control Wing (like 552nd awacs at Tinker) ADA (1)Americans. I didn't) OM Male voice Old Man omega Global LF navigation system, replaced by GPS OMS ohms Orbital Maneuvering System (nasa) OOB (1)Out of band OOB (2)Out Of Bounds (classic Internet hack) OOK On-off keying oooi Out, Off, On, In (acars time reporting) op Operation. Soldier GID Group Identification GIF Graphics Interchange Format, first used on CompuServe gigo Garbage In, Garbage Out; first rule of computing GIS Geographical Information System glonass Global Navigation Satellite System (Russian GPS) GM (1)CW brevity code: Good Morning GM (2)General Motors GM (3)General Manager gmdss.

A Index 24-hour magnetic activity index, lowerbetter. At end of file: Police/CB 10-codes, other main forex paling aman police codes, computer networking standards not an acronym, just looks like one. Chief of staff, logistics (US Army) G5 Asst. A1 (Alpha-1) Aircraft maintenance status: no writeups; plane OK A1A Morse telegraphy for aural copy,.e. Of North American Radio Clubs andvt Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal ANG Air National Guard angb Air National Guard Base ANL Automatic noise limiter anmcc Alternate National Military Communications Center (?)-WAR 46 Annmt Announcement Annr Announcer ANS Advanced Network Services, operates an Internet backbone ansi. SPF Shortest Path First SPI Service Provider Interface spincom Special Intelligence Communications Spkr Speaker SPL Sound Pressure Level SPL/1 High-Order Signal Processing Language #1 SPO Security, plans, and operations spod Seaport of debarkation SPS Spectrum Planning Subcommittee (of irac) spss Space Surveillance Squadron Spt Support.