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Black smoke and white norwegian forest cat

black smoke and white norwegian forest cat

silver tabby 9176 norw. Please credit the source if you reproduce the contents because as well as material from cat breed standards and genetics texts, the charts depict material from my own studies which are described (with photos) elsewhere. Black and brown bands for genetically black cats, red and cream bands for genetically red cats. Chinnie may have been a Silver Mackerel or Spotted Tabby Longhair with weak markings diffused by her long hair. Black patches on a blue background, black patches on caramel, red patches on cream. Russet is found in the Burmese; kittens are born an unusual lilac/chocolate colour and eventually turn reddish. In longhairs, the silver pattern is somewhat diffused by the hair length although residual striping may be seen on the legs and face. "A pink-eyed dilution in the cat" (Journal of Heredity 52, pg 202). American bobtail 0230 american bobtail FOR breeding only 0232 american bobtail FOR breeding only 5400 american bobtail blue-eyed white LH 5402 american bobtail copper-eyed white LH 5404 american bobtail ODD-eyed white LH 5406 american bobtail blue LH 5408 american bobtail black LH 5410 american bobtail.

The naming convention is given in the table below. The Sand Cat hybrid illustration is based on photographs of F1 kittens. "Copper" (Ultra-Wide-Band) Phenotype in British Tipped Golden Shorthairs The unofficial term "copper" was adopted by Linda Petersson Wahlqvist to describe Golden Shell (Golden Chinchilla) cats with white toes, white undersides, golden colour with the dark tips (e.g. Japanese bobtail 0036 japanese bobtail FOR breeding only 6600 japanese bobtail blue-eyed white 6602 japanese bobtail copper-eyed white 6604 japanese bobtail ODD-eyed white 6606 japanese bobtail blue 6608 japanese bobtail black 6610 japanese bobtail RED 6612 japanese bobtail chocolate 6614 japanese bobtail lilac (lavender) 6618. One of the most famous early chinchillas was called Silver Lambkin, and it seems likely from descriptions at the time that he gave rise to both silver and golden kittens. Birman 0010 birman FOR breeding only 0082 birman FOR breeding only 0180 birman chocolate point 0182 birman seal point 0184 birman lilac point 0186 birman blue point 2140 birman lilac-cream tabby point 2142 birman choc-tortie tabby point 2144 birman lilac-cream point 2146 birman seal-tortie tabby. In 1927, Mrs Sydney Evans placed her Longhair Sable at stud. In particular, there were complaints that Red and Cream longhairs showed an undesirable degree of white in the undercoat. With Siamese colour restriction the torso is a shade of cream or ivory although some cats show "breakthrough markings" especially as they age. Smoke, smoke is heaviest degree of tipping.